Smart City

Visual Communication

Are you working in the area and looking for a nice place to rest from 2 to 4pm*?
Are you a tourist who needs to take a break* from a frenetic and rush tour of the city?
Are you a business owner trying to implement your walk-ins?
We have the Solution for you!
Smart City. A new and fun way to criticise hostile design.
*Mon-Fri only, for maximum 30 minutes. Terms and conditions apply.
Brief: A public space is meant to be open and accessible to all (e.g. roads, pavements, public squares, public libraries, beaches, parks, etc.). The buildings and elements around it (privately owned buildings) are not public but affect the visual landscape.
Select a public space. Choose a space you feel comfortable interacting with – a space you feel belong to you and others in the community.
How do other members of the community occupy and interact with the space? What kind of design language does the spatial configuration express?
Document your selected public space and the exclusionary/inclusionary design elements that are found in the space. Observe how people use the space and these elements.